Rules of Tug-o-war


How to play

  1. Grab a thick rope and mark the centre, either with a piece of cloth tied around the middle, or by drawing or painting it on.
  2. Mark two more points on the rope, each about 1-2 metres from the centre point.
    You can have these further apart for older kids looking for a more challenging game.
  3. Mark a centre line on the ground.
    You will make sure this lines up with centre mark on the rope before the game can officially start.
  4. Split your group into two equal teams, one team at either side of the middle of the rope.
  5. Get each player lined up along the rope, taking a tight hold of the rope. Be sure to align the centre rope marker to the centre mark on the ground.
  6. Countdown to start the battle!

The winner team will be declared as the one that pulls the opposing team far enough that their closest rope marker moves past the centre line.

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