Plastic Free Work Day

So much is geared around making our work days easier: takeaway coffee, tap and go transport cards, food courts for lunch. It’s easy to forget - or just not realise - how much plastic is involved in our day-to-day.

Here are our ideas for what to carry in your work bag to be prepared for a plastic-free day.

  1. You wake up, look at the clock, race out the door to catch the bus or train. 
    Instead of tapping on with your pre-loaded Opal card - tap and pay with your phone. There’s less of a chance of you losing it, too!
  2. You get to work, and now it’s coffee time! 
    This one’s an easy one, just reach into your bag and pull out a plastic free reusable coffee cup. Plus, it’ll help take the confusion out of knowing which coffee on the counter is yours. You can choose a fun one that matches your personal identity as well.
  3. Setting up a meeting? 
    Present circumstances not withstanding, instead of gathering everyone from multiple offices in one room, try for a Skype or virtual meeting on your phone or computer instead. You’ll save on transport costs and emissions - and a lot of the print-outs, post-its and other paraphernalia that can be included in a higher level meeting.
  4. Need to take notes during that meeting? 
    Eco stationery is having a moment we hope lasts forever, with a range of plastic free notebooks and pens that will help replace all the cheap plastic pens that seem to collect in our workspaces and offices!
  5. Lunch time!
    Bringing your own, home-made lunch in plastic-free containers is the easiest way to bypass the substantial packaging that can come with a store-bought or takeaway meal.
  6. Headed to the food court instead?
    Keep reusable, washable cutlery and drinking straws in your handbag and be assured of their cleanliness while you reduce your reliance on the plastic.
  7. Stopping for ice cream on the way home?
    Opt for the ice cream cone instead of the disposable tub and spoon!

Do you have any other plastic-free tips or tricks? Let us know on Facebook!

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