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Baby Range Trial Kit

Baby Range Trial Kit

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Baby Range Trial Pack from Ethique give you four solid minis to try out for your baby or toddler. Using natural and organic ingredients, each bar is your plastic-free alternative to caring for your littles.

#giveupthebottle and join the plastic-free revolution by saving water and using renewable resources.  

Help us rid the world of plastic bottles! Everything Ethique creates is solid and concentrated; in bars, not bottles, from shampoo to body lotion and everything in between. They use only naturally-derived sustainable ingredients; no palm, no petrochemicals and nothing harmful.

Ethique is 100% palm-free. All ingredients are derived from non-palm sources such as rice bran or coconut oils.

What's inside

  • Tip-to-Tot - Solid multi-purpose wash
  • Untangled - Solid conditioner
  • Love Baby Balm - Solid massage bar
  • Baby Bott Balm - Solid calming bum balm


Solid multi-purpose wash

No need for lots of bottles, this bar cleans your little one from top to toe. Flaxseed, mandarin, lavender, cocoa butter and coconut oil leave skin clean and hydrated, and hair soft and silky for easy brushing. pH balanced and gentle.


Solid conditioner

Curly-wurlys or super-fine fly-aways - whatever makes your little one's hair hard to handle, this is the answer. Tame the tangle with cocoa butter, coconut oil and mandarin. Also doubles as a non-foaming all-over wash for super sensitive skin.

Love Baby Balm

Solid massage bar

Massage is a great way to bond with your baby while helping prevent dry skin and promoting relaxation. With organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil and lavender essential oil, this is safe for babies, on pregnant belly stretch marks and as an all-over body moisturiser (not just for babies!).

Baby Bott Balm

Solid calming bum balm

Sore bums, be gone! Just like magic, this goes on like a balm and then dries quickly to a powder - no need for a separate powder product. This bar helps reduce sore skin with tried and tested ingredients, zinc oxide and shea butter.

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